Kenneth Godoy – Graphic Artist and Trial Technician

Kenneth Godoy is a Graphic Artist and Trial Technician. His studies at the College for Creative Studies for Graphic Design and Fine Art combined with specialized training at Lorenzo de Medici for Animation in Italy formed his art education. Add in three years of experience working with iconography, typography and informational graphic design and he brings a welcomed dimension to the multi-talented group of artists at 3B Studio.

Kenneth is an artist with a keen mind for math, science and technology, which is a great asset when assessing trial details and technicalities. He balances the creative and the logical to form complex ideas into a very concise picture. As Kenneth says, “It’s all about the narrative and converting the data into effective visuals; creating images that tell an exact story of what the trial is about.” The top priority is to design images that meet the client’s specifications; making sure the images appeal to judge, juries and panels. He credits the professional and welcoming atmosphere of 3B Studio for helping him shape and contour his work. “It’s the camaraderie and the teamwork that makes everything work so well.” Kenneth adds.

When he isn’t creating amazing images for 3B Studio you might find him giving a pop-up cooking party, reading a compelling novel or cycling around Houston. And something you should know about Kenneth, he passionate about printmaking.

In Brief: Kenneth’s determination to create the very best visuals for trial presentations makes him the client’s best asset.