Mark Seydewitz – Senior Trial Consultant

Mark Seydewitz is Senior Trial Consultant at 3B Studio, Inc. As an artist, Mark views the world in visuals, which gives him a leg up when taking complex dense case material and translating it into a comprehensive story for the judge and jury. He is quite adept at doing this. As a consultant, he understands the need for a close working relationship with the client. “I work hand-in-hand with the attorney to get the correct answer and sequence. The better the communication, the better the trial presentation.”

Having worked in the industry since 2005, Mark has experienced many different aspects of litigation. “One week I may be working on a case for down hole technology the next I may be sorting out a patent for computer software. The diversity certainly makes the work interesting.” He also finds that doing his own research on unfamiliar subject matter in conjunction with what he has learned from the client, helps him make better choices in regard to how to illustrate the presentation.

Mark received his degree in Media Arts and Animation from The Art Institute of Colorado in 2003. His keen interest in art is not only seen in the work he does for 3B Studio, but it carries through into his off-hour time as well. In fact, if you are a fan of heavy metal you may be wearing a t-shirt that Mark has designed and illustrated for your favorite band. You may also find him drawing, reading, studying history or swimming.

In Brief: Mark is a problem solver who is very adept at designing graphics and animations that help juries, judges and panels see the bigger picture.