Michael Peyton – Vice President

Mike Peyton is Vice President and Cofounder of 3B Studio, Inc. Expansive in his talents as an artist and consultant, Mike has been involved in a diversity of legal presentations ranging from mock trials to focus groups, published briefs, technology tutorials, witness packages, mediations, Markman hearings and jury/bench trials.

Besides bringing substantial consulting experience and all his artistic skills of illustration, animation, digital video compositing and photography to the table, he also keeps informed about what is coming down the pike. “Personally for me the challenge is, what can I do for my clients that would be new, that offers them another way of presenting their information? It means that I need to keep up with software trends and the technology that is out there.” In Mike’s world that may include using interactive 3D animation, 3D printing or retrofitting Powerpoint to add more dimension and functionality.

Receiving a BFA from Ringling College of Art and Design, Mike’s studies focused on illustration, design, traditional animation and concept development. His work has been published in newspapers, novels, children books, and on the Web.

When Mike is not working, he enjoys painting, photography, and throwing darts.

In Brief: Mike’s artist view turns the complex into the explainable by painting a compelling story.