Trial Presentation Services

Masters of the Hot Seat…Focused, Calm, Experienced, Knowledgeable

The consultants at 3B Studio pioneered the use of courtroom trial technology more than 20 years ago. Since then, our experience has landed us in more than 100 Texas courtrooms and several dozen throughout the country.

Our consultants and trial techs become an integral part of the trial team. Whether the setting is a mediation, pretrial hearing, or trial, they make sure that documents, exhibits and testimony are properly loaded into the presentation software before each session. These efforts guarantee efficient presentation of exhibits and evidence.

Always the innovators, 3B has developed a software application that improves the overall efficiency and functionality of trial presentation software. 3B has also developed an online application for deposition review and editing. The online log in allows attorneys to review and edit depositions from any computer, at any time.