As an added benefit to our clients, 3B Studio offers professional legal videography services.

With over 25 years of experience in shooting depositions, our team knows what it takes to produce an excellent looking and sounding video. 3B Studio only utilizes the best equipment and videographers to ensure the service and quality you have been accustomed to over the years.

Most videographers never see the inside of a courtroom or have real world legal experience, therefore do not have a vested interest in how the final video looks to a jury. Our experience in countless trials gives 3B Studio a unique perspective to the jury system, and we know what is important to them and to your legal team.

At time of delivery, 3B can provide any video format you request via USB drive or by digital delivery method such as a downloadable link. 3B Studio keeps all video depositions backed up on multiple servers, so in the future if you cannot locate your copy, 3B Studio will always have you covered.

Picture-In-Picture (PIP) depositions have been around as long as the ELMO, but the quality was never satisfactory enough to create a professional looking presentation video. 3B Studio is one of very few studios that utilizes FULL Hi-Def PIP depositions. Our equipment allows your team to use multiple sources, including but not limited to HD document cameras, laptops, iPads or even your smart phone to create a video deposition that is more than just a talking head. The exhibits or demonstrative aids shown to a witness at the deposition are seen by all in attendance and recorded in a PIP effect so that the jury will see the same thing the witness sees, as well as their reaction. In addition to the PIP recording, we also record a witness only video so that you have an option to which video is played at trial.

Beyond our professional video depositions and our expert PIP videos, we offer a wide range of video services to encompass all your litigation support needs including:

• Video Site Inspections
• Day In The Life Videos
• Mediation Settlement Videos
• Mock Trial and Depo Demonstrations
• Video and Transcript Synchronization
• Video Editing