James R. Baker – President & CEO

Jim Baker is the Cofounder, President and CEO of 3B Studio, Inc. Jim has over twenty years experience in litigation consulting. He brings experience and expertise in a wide range of litigation, presentation strategy, interactive media and trial technology, by helping clients identify the most effective way to present their cases. Whether it is in jury and bench trials, or in mediation and arbitration settings, he works to get the best possible results for his clients. Customized trial presentation software is just one of the innovative ways in which Jim has devised to add functionality and efficiency to that process. Courts include State, Federal and the International Trade Commission.

Although Jim understands the need for technology and graphics design in his work, he also understands the need to build relationships with the attorneys he works with. In building those relationships he believes that working with them to sell their story to the fact finder is key. “What is the case content, litigation strategies, and how can we develop effective presentations to help the trial team?” Answering those questions succinctly and vividly builds trust and long lasting relationships.

Jim received a computer science degree from The University of Texas at Austin with a focus on relational database design and development as well as custom Microsoft office application programming. He earned his trial presentation chops working for Bodaken Associates, serving as the technology consultant for the Exxon Valdez Federal and State trials, two of the most complex trial presentations to date.

When Jim isn’t working with the 3B team to come up with new and innovative ways to make trial presentations better, he can be found throwing darts at the local pub or spending time with his family.

In Brief: Jim is the consummate juggler, keeping all the balls in the air with sublime skill; getting the best outcome.