Joel Gross is a Partner and Trial Consultant at 3B Studio, Inc. who is involved in all aspects of graphics and trial support. With thousands of hours of courtroom experience presenting demonstrative graphics, deposition videos and trial exhibits, Joel has the innate capacity to understand the needs of the client and guide them to tell their very best story.

When asked what he finds the most enjoyable part of his work, Joel said that learning how things work, the depth and breath of the subject matter. “When you learn something that you have always wondered about and how it works, that’s exciting.”

Joel received his Bachelor of Science in Technical Graphics from Purdue University in 1993 where he specialized in computer graphics and design. His degree along with prior experience working with mock trial and focus group research, gave him a solid base to expand, explore and to extrapolate ideas and apply them to the visuals needed for extraordinarily diverse cases.

Joel is a talented artist who gets it. When considering the success of 3B Studio he attributes it to helping attorneys present their cases. “We help them learn about their case, present it effectively and ultimately make their job easier.” Outside of work, Joel enjoys home improvement projects, gardening, lake time with his Labrador retriever, yoga and quality time with his wife and two children.

In Brief: Joel is a like a Swiss Army Knife, a versatile tool you want with you on a tough case.