Simon Burkhardt – Senior Trial Consultant

Simon Burkhardt is a Sr. Trial Technician and Graphic Designer at 3B Studio, Inc. Since joining the 3B Studio in 2006, Simon has supported clients in numerous trials, mediation’s, and arbitration’s. Simon’s technical skills combined with his creative abilities enable him to translate concepts and themes into persuasive presentations and vivid demonstrative exhibits. Simon is comfortable working one-on-one with attorneys on small cases as well as embedding himself into a large trial team on more complex matters.

About his work at 3B, Simon says that it’s like a Jack-of-all-trades. You not only have to know the technical side of things, such as being able to use the programs to create graphics and demonstratives, but also the presentation side, when you actually go to trial, mediation or what not and sit in the hot seat. “I think of it in two parts, the graphic side, kind of like the prep work and then the presentation side.”

Simon received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Arts & Animation from The Art Institute of Colorado in 2004. His studies focused on storytelling through the development of visual graphics and animations. He also obtained a technical proficiency in a variety of media applications.

Simon spends his off hours perusing all manner of outdoor activities and exercise. He feels that getting outside after being in an office setting is a good way to decompress, especially after working a trial. He really enjoys rock climbing, indoor at a gym or out in the elements in places like Mexico, British Columbia, Arkansas, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Washington.

In Brief: Simon says tell him your story and he will build you the best demonstratives imaginable.