Stephen Gros – Graphic Artist and Trial Technician

Stephen Gros is a Graphic Artist and Trial Technician with 3B Studio, Inc. He joined the firm in 2012, bringing with him an array of graphic and technology expertise. His depth of design skill allows him to create expertly detailed and understandable graphic concepts and technical illustrations. His project management experience makes him an excellent communicator with a high level of organizational efficiency that is an asset for any trial team.

The focus of his work at 3B centers on creating a partnership with the client; one based on mutual respect and trust. “As far as the facts and themes of each case, we have to understand that the attorney knows more about it than we do, but as for the best way to create or present the demonstratives for the case, they are trusting us to know how to best accomplish their goals.” He feels building that partnership allows for the exchange of ideas that help produce graphics that explain complex principles in simple terms, that convey the comprehensive story of the client’s case.

When asked what the most enjoyable part of his work is, he references it by saying that he really likes his job “3B is a great place to work. It allows me to bring in my wider range of interests, talent or skills to bear on some particular problem. For instance, I have interests in audio/video equipment, drawing, illustration. When I get to combine those sorts of things in my daily work that’s when I enjoy it the most.”

Stephen pursued his degree in Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Houston. His studies concentrated on print design, color theory and illustration. Outside of work Stephen is a successful event organizer specializing in art and literary events as well as being an acclaimed poet and performer. Stephen also enjoys collecting and repairing vintage electronics and playing all manner of board games.

In Brief: Stephen is calm, cool and collected, bringing ease to the most intense situations.